Grand Theft Auto III

Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Action , Adventure
Region EU , JP , US
Views 6,308
Downloads 10,768
Released NA: 22 October 2001
PAL: 26 October 2001
File size 1.76 M
4.1/5 (8 votes)
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Claude Speed and Catalina relocate to Liberty City to continue their criminal careers after fleeing San Andreas and engaging in a crime rampage across the country. During the bank robbery, Catalina and her Colombian friend Miguel betray Claude, and she kills him with a gunshot as they flee the crime scene. Miguel was Catalina’s accomplice in the heist. Within the confines of the jail cell, Claude makes a full recovery. However, Colombians ambush the prison van that Claude is riding in while he is being transported to a prison. Another prisoner is killed in the attack. Claude and his pal 8-Ball can get away throughout this ordeal. Right now is the time for payback. Claude works his way up the ranks of the local gangs, eventually earning the trust of the local mafia bosses and betraying his peers. Along the way, Claude builds his influence, confidence, and financial standing. It is now time for Claude to avenge himself by returning from the grave and exacting his vengeance on Catalina for what she has done.

Grand Theft Auto III’s gameplay is very similar to its two previous installments. The player takes on the character of a ruthless (but inexperienced) criminal who completes missions for more powerful criminals to advance in the criminal underworld. The player’s primary objective throughout the game is to drive, but they also have the option to walk around and investigate the entire city. The entirety of the game has been brought into 3D for the first time in the franchise. When you’re behind the wheel, you can choose from various camera angles; when you’re on foot, you have a free rotation of the camera.

Liberty City is the only city that can be explored in this series installment, in contrast to the other cities available in the previous games. The game emphasizes the narrative more by showing cutscenes before the start of each mission. It is necessary to complete all primary story missions to finish the game; however, the player is frequently given the option to select from several different missions at any given time. The tasks feature activities such as chases, races, brief third-person shooter scenes, and various other minigame-like challenges. Outside the missions, the player is free to explore the city and execute sub-missions, for example, working as a taxi driver, carrying sick people to the hospital in an ambulance, etc.

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