.hack//Infection: Part 1

.hack//Infection: Part 1

Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Bandai , Bandai America
Developer Cyberconnect2
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region Europe , Japan
Views 29
Downloads 136
Released June 20, 2002
File size 2.39 G
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You’re in their WORLD now!

Who is Aura? What is the Book of Twilight? Why did your friend, Orca, fall into a mysterious coma? As the outlaw player, Kite, you’re on a mission of truth. Take a journey into a virtual world where anything is possible, and nothing is as it appears. Fight your way through contaminated levels of cyberspace as you take on and eliminate enemies, and unlock codes that will allow you to gate travel to even more environments – all in a desperate attempt to discover who or what’s behind The World.

Embark on an epic journey to unlock the truth lurking behind The World.

.hack ranks among the top 9 RPGs for 2003! “… .hack is light-years ahead of most cliché-riddled RPGs.”
— Official PlayStation Magazine

“You thought EverQuest was adictive?”
— GamePro Magazine

“… .hack reeks of mystery and conspiracy.”
— Extended Play

Simulated MMORPG: no Internet connection required!
Dual Voiceover: choose either English or Japanese for a totally immersive experience
Multiple Quests with detailed environments that transform in real time
Combine Keywords to generate customized fields

From the creators of GHOST IN THE SHELL and EVANGELION! Includes a separate DVD containing an exclusive 45 minute original Anime movie! Watch it and uncover clues to solve the mystery of .hack.

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