Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Electronic Arts
Genre Adventure , Beat 'em up
Region EU , US
Views 3,141
Downloads 3,347
Released NA: 30 June 2009
AU: 2 July 2009
EU: 3 July 2009
File size 1.33 G
3.5/5 (10 votes)
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The novel Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was adapted from the film of the same name. The player assumes the character of Harry Potter, who must defend himself and his friends from the forces of Lord Voldemort and his followers.

The story does not progress strictly sequentially; in between the chapters, Harry is free to wander around the school at his own pace. There are two options for the player to skip the walking and exploring that the game requires if they do not wish to do so: portraits, which are unlocked as the player progresses through the game, can be used to teleport the player to a different location immediately. In addition, Harry can call a ghost, who then reveals the quickest route to the next objective. The primary purpose of Exploration is to locate the approximately 150 secret crests required to progress through the game and earn trophies and achievements. Because Harry can no longer jump or climb, so he is forced to rely on spells to get to the higher floors.

Mini Games

The player will spend most of the time participating in one of three minigames: magic duels, brewing potions, or playing Quidditch. The fights are used to learn new spells and improve upon those currently known by the player. When Harry faces up other magicians, he uses his attacks to defeat them, such as by rendering them paralyzed or parrying the spells they cast against him. For a player to throw a while, they must use their input device to replicate a specific motion.

A reaction test is what Quidditch is. The user has minimal control over Harry’s broom, as it flies automatically and can only be slightly moved to navigate around rings or obstacles. While Harry is concocting potions, he is faced with a dish full of ingredients and a ticking clock. Now all that is required of him is to duplicate the recipe by adding the right ingredients to the right spots in the bowl. It’s not uncommon for him to turn up the heat on the bowl or use his input device to mix the coffee. If he makes a mistake, there will be smoke, consuming more time.

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