Jet Li: Rise to Honor

Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment America
Developer Sony Computer Entertainment America
Genre Action , Beat 'em up , Shooter
Views 9,999
Downloads 21,780
File size 89.34 M
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Kit Yun, modeled by Jet Li’s acting style, is an undercover Hong Kong police officer assigned to protect Chiang, the leader of one of the criminal organizations operating in Hong Kong and a friend of Kit’s late father. However, Chiang is considering giving up his life of crime, which doesn’t sit well with certain key players in organized crime, and before long, everyone will be attempting to kill him. The kit cannot defend him despite his best attempts, but he decides to fulfill the dying man’s final request, which forces him into a state of continuous activity.

This action game places a significant emphasis on martial arts and is primarily influenced by Hong Kong action movies. Because Cory Yuen was in charge of the combat choreography used in the game, it feels as though you are genuinely playing one of Jet Li’s action movies when you play this game. This is primarily because Jet Li’s motion caught his distinctive moves.

Hong Kong and San Francisco are the backdrops for the game’s indoor and outdoor locations, respectively. The plot advances linearly is no opportunity for free exploration; nonetheless, you can change your environment when engaging in combat. During a gunfight, you may occasionally have the chance to use a cover system; nevertheless, your primary weapon of choice will almost always be the martial art talent you’ve developed. You will frequently find yourself surrounded by many foes, forcing you to engage in combat using a variety of basic attack moves as well as other combos. You can slam your opponents against the wall or a desk, hold them and slide them along the bar counter, or pick up specific objects and utilize them in your combat (for example, you can pick up a stool and throw it at your opponent). When an AI partner is present, you and it can perform some moves together; however, this may be the case during boss battles more frequently than in other situations.

The game advances in an episodic fashion through a series of crucial checkpoints, from which you can choose to carry on with your journey. The game’s soundtrack and cutscenes can be viewed through the audio/video player, accessible from the main menu. The audio track will also become unlocked as you progress through the tale. The game is compatible with the standard 4:3 aspect ratio and the widescreen 16:9 format.

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