PES 2011: Pro Evolution Soccer

Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Konami
Genre Sport
Region EU
Views 14,060
Downloads 18,497
Released October 8, 2010
File size 2.03 G
4/5 (10 votes)
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is a soccer game genre and is part of the famous Pro Evolution Soccer series due to Konami developed, which was first launched on October 8, 2010. This is the first part where the two UEFA Super Cup and Copa Libertadores tournaments are licensed to allow players to participate in these two major tournaments. PES 2011 has removed a lot of old features and changed it with many new features when players will now have to navigate correctly for their passes and kicks instead of the classic direction selection button. The control of the team play is now more diverse when the player can order the team, for example when the two teams are drawing, you can push the squad up and play an active attack. With the number of national teams up to 79, you can unleash choose a team that suits your own play style. Like the previous sections, there will be two tournaments including 18 empty teams, you can create and customize each team and create your own tournament. The graphics of this section also improved significantly, as the movements of the players at the acceleration became smoother, the stadiums were also designed more detailed for players to experience football matches. most honest.

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