Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (World Soccer Winning Eleven 9)

Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Konami
Genre Sport
Region JP , US
Views 6,230
Downloads 5,666
Released JP: August 4, 2005
EU: October 21, 2005
NA: February 7, 2006
File size 1.72 G
3.6/5 (8 votes)
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Pro Evolution Soccer 5 brings the series closer to realism than previous installments by increasing the number of character maneuvers and enhancing their control. Now that players are more likely to make errors and passes are less likely to be successful if they are on the incorrect foot or make a poor turn, the match feels more authentic to the actual play than before. Players who have previously used older versions of the game might need to make some minor adjustments to transition to this edition’s new gameplay. Match mode, numerous leagues and cups, and memorial matches are included in the standard game modes such as match mode. Some additional teams have recently adopted their official names, such as “Arsenal” and “Chelsea,” and are fielding squads comprised of the most recent players. Additionally, snow has been added as a new type of weather condition.

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