Resident Evil 4 (Biohazard 4)

Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Capcom
Genre Other
Region DE , EU
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Released January 11, 2005
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Beginning six years after the events of Resident Evil 2, the fourth game in the series features Leon S. Kennedy, a former police officer now working for the United States government. Kennedy is sent on a top-secret mission to Europe to investigate the abduction of Ashley, the president’s daughter. As Leon faces horrors beyond his wildest imagination, he is compelled to discover the identity of the entity or entities responsible for everything. As Leon investigates the kidnapping of the president’s daughter, he runs into familiar faces—and foes—at every turn. He is determined to find out who is genuinely responsible for the crime.

Compared to the previous installments, Resident Evil 4 represents a significant departure. The game utilizes a new “behind the back” moving camera angle instead of a fixed third-person perspective. Additionally, the game incorporates an “over the shoulder” aiming function that enables players to control the movement of their rifles to attack certain body parts. It has a fresh new artificial intelligence engine and more open surroundings, making it possible for enemies to collaborate to capture and corner Leon. The adversaries are now shown as people, allowing them to open doors, climb ladders, and wield weapons as they go through the game.

Additionally, the entire item system has been reworked, so smaller items will no longer take up a whole item space when stored. In its place, a system in which things take up blocks of space in a briefcase according to their actual size has been implemented to carry a significantly greater number of items and weapons. When Leon defeats enemies or finds treasure in the environment, he can exchange it with the infamous “merchant” for larger briefcases, treasure maps, weapon upgrades, and more powerful weapons like the one-shot RPG.

There is also a mode in Resident Evil 3 called Mercenaries, which enables the player to play survival scenarios as characters like Hunk or even Albert Wesker himself.

Separate Ways is a supplemental narrative mode that, unlike the initial GameCube release, is included with later platforms and may be played once the player has completed the main game and obtained all of the game’s achievements. This story allows you to take on the role of Ada Wong and takes place in conjunction with the main narrative. It reveals what Ada did, who she communicated with, and where she went when she wasn’t with Leon. Several new levels and some of Ada’s gadgets have not been seen before in the main tale. However, most of the locales and weapons remain the same.

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