The Warriors

Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Action , Adventure
Region WW
Views 7,466
Downloads 10,207
Released October 17, 2005
File size 2.23 G
4/5 (17 votes)
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The Warriors is an animated picture about a street gang from Coney Island that is based on the film of the same name released by Paramount Pictures in 1979 and voices the majority of the original cast. Beginning several months before the events depicted in the movie, The Warriors attempt to develop and defend their turf on Coney Island while demonstrating that they are significant enough players to join The Riffs’ network. With a citywide representative, they have a better chance of being asked to a major gang meeting, which is where essential decisions on the future of New York street crime will be made.

The game’s story focuses on the nine key members of The Warriors, including leader Cleon, Swan, Ajax, Cowboy, Cochise, Snow, Rembrandt, and Vermin. There are also flashback missions that illustrate how these characters became a part of The Warriors. Throughout the game, the player will take control of each member, typically performing the role of a war chief and directing a group of Warriors on an objective. The objectives of the many missions range from just destroying another crew to achieving a series of goals while evading capture or something even worse.

Players can rob passersby, take vehicle radios, commit smash and grabs, tag walls, blast other gangs’ burners, and load up on flash during missions. The Warriors will return to their hangout in Coney Island between each story-based task. There, they can engage in quick-play combat matches, train to enhance their statistics, patrol, examine their achievements, or go through levels again.

The gameplay is quite similar to that of a team-based brawler. Every Warrior has a unique combat style, and a significant portion of the game world can be used as a weapon. Fights are quick and frequently violent, but sneaking around is also an option. Players can finish off opponents covertly and distract the police or other players by throwing bottles at them. Warriors can, along the roofs, hop over fences and dart into shadowy corners thanks to the entirely 3D landscapes in the game.

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