Gran Turismo 6

Console PS3
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre Racing
Region WW
Views 36,502
Downloads 28,148
Released December 6, 2013
File size 14G
3.7/5 (48 votes)
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Leaping back into the vanguard of virtual car racing, Gran Turismo 6 cruises into the gaming scene with its typically arresting charisma. Sculpted by the visionary hands of Kazunori Yamauchi and his squadron at Polyphony Digital Studios in Japan, this sixth iteration was launched in 2013 and stands as the third one to be released on PlayStation 3, following Gran Turismo Prologue. Although it’s not a giant leap for the franchise, the smattering of intriguing innovations infused within it is set to whet the appetites of long-term fans.


Gran Turismo 6 sails beyond the traditional limits of racing, providing several tantalizing modes. Whether you crave the high-octane thrill of a solitary race or the interactive excitement of online play, this game has you covered. But it doesn’t stop there. It also offers a fascinating driver’s career mode, mirrored single-player campaigns from other titles. As your triumphs accumulate, so does your access to a broader array of faster and pricier vehicle classes and models. Additional types of races, challenges, and championships emerge, each rewarding your successful completion with a sweet monetary bonus. This cash can then be employed to broaden your garage of cars and purchase brand-new upgrades and parts.


This iteration of Gran Turismo holds onto every track and car from its predecessor, including those in DLC packs. In addition to the existing fleet, an array of fresh models enlarges the selection to 1,200 vehicles. The track roster also echoes this growth, adding seven unique locations of varying sizes and shapes. Of particular note is the famed British Silverstone Circuit, which graces the game’s stage for the first time. Fresh DLC packs released post-launch further augment the assortment of cars and tracks available.


A complete revamp of the driving model places a brand-new physics engine in the driver’s seat. The machine, responsible for wheel behavior, aerodynamics, and suspension, injects realism into the game. Long-term devotees of the Gran Turismo franchise are bound to notice and relish this transformative enhancement. Moreover, the developers have focused on the customization and improvement of vehicle performance, a feature made more accessible by the reimagined, intuitive user interface.


While the audiovisuals in Gran Turismo 6 aren’t a monumental shift from its predecessor, subtle tweaks to the graphics engine offer a slight improvement. However, the constraints of the PlayStation 3, a system whose capabilities have surpassed the average gaming PC, stand as a barrier to more significant visual enhancements. Regardless, the dedicated Japanese team has presented a product that stands tall amongst the most visually striking titles available on the platform.


Gran Turismo 6, while not a ground-breaking revolution in the franchise, maintains its timeless allure with a range of subtle yet impactful innovations. The expanded roster of cars and tracks, the revamped driving model, and the inclusion of a career mode ensure that long-time fans and new players are catered to. Indeed, the enduring charm of this game underlines the fact that sometimes, staying on course is just as important as pushing the boundaries.

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