WWE 2K17

Console PS3
Publisher 2K Sports
Genre Sport
Region EU , US
Views 24,298
Downloads 18,979
Released October 11, 2016
File size 8.13 G
3.9/5 (50 votes)
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Coming to the famous game company of the famous 2K Sports series, we will learn more new game areas in the rich series of current games such as wrestling. This is also a game series released by 2K Sports. “WWE 2K17” a wrestling video game series developed and launched by Yuke in 2017. Similar to the gameplay of the previous WWE series, players will control wrestlers to fight the opponent. This game has a variety of pre-made wrestlers similar to real life for players to choose to participate in battles such as Apollo Crews, Nia Jax or Shinsuke Nakamura. More specifically, “WWE 2K17” also has new updated modes so that players can easily control the match such as MyCareer mode, play mode, and space mode. In MyCareer mode, players can create their own superstar wrestlers to participate in wrestling championships. In addition, players can participate in quick matches with other opponents in broadcast mode. In order to receive upgrades for wrestlers themselves, the player must win the rounds. The higher the reward will be if the game is more interesting.

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