WWE All Stars

Console PS3
Publisher THQ
Genre Fighting , Sport
Region EU , US
Views 8,199
Downloads 5,872
Released March 29, 2011
File size 5.57 G
3.6/5 (25 votes)
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Coming to the famous developer THQ San Diego, we will know about a professional wrestling game that this game company has brought to us. “WWE All-Stars” is a wrestling video game released in 2011 by game company THQ. This is a famous wrestling game with a series of fascinating matches taking place all over the world. The game has pre-installed wrestlers in the WWE game versions, but coming to this game the game will be installed with a new team of wrestlers like Kane, Randy Orton, Triple H, The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Sheamus and John Cena. In contrast to the previous WWE series, “WWE All-Stars” features wrestlers with more elaborate descriptions and a more attractive Arcade-style gameplay. The game has a mixed style of fighting and wrestlers, players can attack combo to defeat the opponent. In the game, the player will compete with the opponent a match lasting 10 matches to win or lose. In addition, players can also create their own wrestler superstars to use them to participate in Premier League matches held in-game events.

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