Console PSP
Publisher Idea Factory
Developer Rejet
Genre Visual Novel
Region Japan
Views 28
Downloads 31
Released January 23, 2014
File size 1.08 G
3/5 (0 votes)
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The story takes place in Mogura Gakuen, commonly known as Z Gakuen, a place for students with “shame” to gather from all over the country. Right after our heroine, Yaotome Rei, enters the school, they suddenly announced that the school is going to be closed down. There’s only one way to save the school from many unfortunate events, and that is for the students to fall in love.

Rei immediately searches for a boy to become a couple with. Sadly, she was born with the ability to attract all sorts of bad luck… and unfortunate guys are starting to gather around her. All of them are incomplete humans with a missing piece, so maybe they’re looking for another piece that can complete the part they’re missing.

Rei can choose one of these unfortunate guys, and when she erases their complex with her love…

“Shame” and “shame” will become “love”.

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