Air Conflicts – Aces of World War II

Console PSP
Publisher Graffiti Entertainment
Genre Other
Region US
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Downloads 792
Released April 14, 2009
File size 157.74 M
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Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II is an arcade flight simulator during World War II. It is a port of the Windows game Air Conflicts: Air Battles of World War II, initially designed for the Sony PSP. The game includes almost 200 missions that seem to be historically accurate and spread across 13 different campaigns. The user can play as either the Red Army Air Force, the Luftwaffe, the Royal Air Force, or the United States Army Air Force. The game allows players to pilot 17 different aircraft from World War II.

Patrols, maneuvers, strategic bombing, air support, air superiority, interdiction, paratrooper and supply deployment, and prevent bombing missions are all included in the assignments. Because each task takes five to ten minutes, playing the game almost anywhere, including public transportation, is possible. Most missions involve dogfights, dropping bombs, or combining the two. Even if a task is unsuccessful, the campaign will continue, driving home the point that the fight will continue regardless of the results of any particular study.

The game includes, in addition to the single-player missions, a multiplayer deathmatch mode for up to 8 players via an ad-hoc WLAN network. There is also a game-sharing option, which allows the player to either play a multiplayer match with other people who do not own the game or give a single mission from the game to a buddy who does not hold the game.

The game contains all the additional elements in the original PC version, except a team deathmatch mode; the only way open is basic deathmatch. The original PC version does not contain the USAAF campaign as in the PSP version, and this new feature was added specifically for the PSP edition.

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