Amnesia Crowd

Amnesia Crowd

Console PSP
Publisher Idea Factory
Developer Idea Factory , Otomate
Genre Visual Novel
Views 19
Downloads 6
Released April 18, 2013
File size 1.34 G
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A fandisc for the series that revolves around three concepts:

Suspense: Taking place on a day in August, after regaining her lost memories, the heroine is now coming to understand more things about ‘him’. However, due to a twist of fate, she becomes caught up in a certain incident, and separates from ‘him’. And so, in order to save her, ‘he’ races through town. Thus, births a suspense story with various perspectives.

Working: “Meido no Shitsuji”, a cafe with a butler & maid concept. The heroine challenges the job without remembering anything, with only verbal help from workmates and strong-minded partner, Orion. Thus, gives birth to a comical story with cute and jovial chibi characters as you challenge the mini game!

Love: Taking place after the end of “Later”, two hearts as one after regaining her memory. As the seasons flow on, and to happy days, comes a new change. Thus, gives birth to a sweet and wistful love story that shows the characters in a new outfit.

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