Armored Core – Last Raven Portable

Console PSP
Publisher JP: FromSoftware/ NA: Agetec/ PAL: 505 Games
Genre Action
Region EU , US
Views 1,841
Downloads 988
Released March 4, 2010
File size 912.81 M
4.2/5 (1 vote)
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The protagonists of the mech combat video game Armored Core: Last Raven is referred to as Ravens, and the story takes place about six months after the conclusion of Armored Core: Nexus. To establish global dominance, the three most powerful corporations have formed the Alliance; nevertheless, a new party known as Vertex threatens their authority. The fact that smaller Raven gangs operating independently of one another, known as Warlords, have become more hostile does not help the situation. 24 hours before Vertex plans to unleash total war on the Alliance, which is considered to have fatal effects for the globe, the player enters the scene in the shoes of a new Raven who eventually has to choose a side and play a vital role in the struggle… Finally, the player must decide which side they will support and how they will contribute to the conflict…

The game features a storyline that can branch in multiple directions, and the player’s decisions will determine how far they get in the game. This results in various missions to complete, each of which might lead to one of six possible conclusions. The tasks, which begin with voice-over briefings and letters to read, are action-oriented and uncomplicated; the player’s objective is typically to either defeat several foes in the open world, explore indoor levels, or hold off a single Raven who is extremely powerful. The most vital component is the customization of the player’s mech, in which they can adjust the parameters of the robot’s performance and swap out its features. For the first time in the series, the outside elements of the character, such as the head or the legs, have locational damage and can be destroyed during missions. For instance, if a player kills an arm, they will no longer be able to wield the weapon equipped for them. During downtime between story missions, players can visit an arena and practice their combat skills against other Ravens.

There are some new components included in the PSP version.

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