Dante’s Inferno

Dante’s Inferno

Console PSP
Publisher Electronic Arts
Genre Action , Adventure
Region EU , JP , US
Views 20,484
Downloads 18,383
Released February 4, 2010
3.9/5 (8 votes)
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Dante Alighieri wrote the Divine Comedy, and the “PLAT” rendition of Dante’s Inferno is a relatively light adaptation of Dante’s work. As with the source material, the video game’s main character is a man who descends into hell on a mission to find his beloved Beatrice. The emphasis in the video game is placed on components that were absent from the corresponding novel, most notably a violent and fluid combat system. The protagonist emerges victorious from the opening encounter with Death and immediately puts their scythe to use in subsequent skirmishes. Even though each circle of hell and its residents is unique, the game’s design was determined by reading descriptions of such processes. Virgil is the one who relates the tale.


The protagonist has access to a wide variety of special and easy-to-implement attacks. The game’s objective is for the players to survive the onslaught of numerous foes. The fights against increasingly powerful monsters continue until the climactic showdown with Lucifer, the ruler of hell. The controls and many game elements are pretty similar to what players are used to seeing in the God of War series. Players can engage in combination attacks, use various weapons (such as a crossbow and a cross), artifacts, and powers (such as Lust Storm and Suicide Fruit), and dispatch foes in a manner that is both magnificent and loaded with gore.

The players will frequently take part in rapid time events while they are engaged in battle. These events allow them to undertake exciting stunts, such as climbing on the back of a massive beast, by clicking buttons that appear on the screen at the appropriate time. When an enemy is defeated, it will leave behind a glowing sphere of either health or energy, and these can cure wounds and renew the power necessary to perform magic attacks. The game’s primary focus is melee combat; nevertheless, players regularly jump, climb, use levers and mechanisms, and destroy obstacles. The souls of those who will spend eternity in hell are also important; they have the potential to be saved or punished. The first option is more challenging because it triggers an additional minigame, but completing it successfully ensures a higher prize that may be put toward improving the protagonist’s stats.

Aspects of the technology

It is essential to highlight the images used for “Dante’s Inferno” in “PLAT.” The designers made several attempts to mimic the descriptions of hell that Alighieri had described. Throughout the adventure, the players will vent through nine different circles of hell, each distinct from the others and containing many horrific locales. For instance, Limbo’s first circle is populated with lost souls condemned to suffer for all eternity. Further tiers are even darker. Wayne Barlowe, who has worked on movies like Blade, Harry Potter, and Hellboy in the past, is responsible for the creation of many of the strange beasts and adversaries that populate the settings.

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