Dragon Ball Z – Tenkaichi Tag Team

Dragon Ball Z – Tenkaichi Tag Team

Console PSP
Publisher Bandai Namco
Genre Fighting
Region EU , US
Views 19,630
Downloads 12,003
Released September 30th, 2010
3.5/5 (21 votes)
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The main character is Son Goku, a boy whose life seems to have been associated with the task of finding the legendary dragon balls. In the process, he met kind friends and experienced many difficulties and challenges together. But that is why it makes Goku more mature and possesses excellent martial arts. The difficulty begins, when he and his friends have caught the eye and become the thorns of the other great powers are also on the way to find the dragon ball. But not so afraid and withdrawn, the young captain with strong will never stop trying to maintain his search journey in a united and brave way.

Dragon Ball Z – Tenkaichi Tag Team style of game one vs one antagonist, including extensions for game two and two. Like the Mortal Kombat releases, its bed is not much different. But instead of gladiators that looked mysterious and aggressive, they have now been replaced by Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Goten, Piccolo, and villains like Frieza, Cell, and Androids. A special feature is that many characters will own different types of transformations or attacks from afar. The Saiyan race can evolve to level two, or three. But Goku is more special, with Super Saiyan Blue, God status and more. The fighting system in Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team also features the combination of attacks of two characters on the same team to create more powerful attacks. In particular, players can develop these combined attacks with the AI of the machine. Because of this combination, players need to have the right tactics to be able to win the enemy as quickly as possible. Perhaps this is an interesting and new point that can attract players. Of course, I also located in one of them.

The main single-player mode, also known as Dragon Walker, allows the character to fly from place to place to complete the mission. In the process, there are accompanying text pieces that appear on the screen, which the player can click through to win. Promising the fierce fighting phase, the combination of attorneys in the game Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team will satisfy every object that loves the fighting genre.

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