Console PSP
Publisher EA Sports
Genre Sport
Region DE , EU , JP
Views 8,883
Downloads 16,023
Released 30 September 2011
3.8/5 (9 votes)
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Are you a big fan of classic matches? You want to become a professional soccer coach, control the players’ movements, shoot and win the glorious victory? FIFA 12 can completely satisfy your passion. Starting the game you will own a team of their own, the first task of you is to select the suitable candidate (a member of the team) as the captain. After that, your dream team will appear on the training ground with all the positions of each member of your team. In matches, you will be the one who directly corrects your team to defeat the opposing team. At the end of each battle, if you win, you will receive many rewards. These rewards will help you to expand and upgrade your team to become stronger to fight in tougher matches at higher levels.

It is no longer just the top games, but in this improved version, some impressive new features have also been released, most notably Impact Engine, Pro Player Intelligence, Precision Dribbling, … Firstly, there is Impact Engine, the feature that brings the life and authenticity in each situation of handling, finishing, scrambling or passing on entire players. Combined with that, the idea of ​​a true “personality” simulation of each player in real life also helps the experience to be more diverse. Next is the Pro Player Intelligence, a feature that promises to create a mobile “brain” of FIFA 12. Players with a blank head have been replaced by characters who can judge situations on the field like soccer superstars Ronaldo or Messi. Finally, there is a Precision Dribbling, which makes the game easier to play with your dribbles.

The graphics and images of FIFA 12 are focused and significantly improved compared to previous versions, and the characters are designed in a way and are extremely billion based on the ideal model: football players famous players like Ronaldo, Messi. The fighting phase, whether in the air or on the ground, is invested in designing to become more lively and true. It was the quiz that brought the people but the experience was very real and close. The last word, if you are a football fan then you definitely cannot ignore FIFA 12.

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