Console PSP
Publisher EA Sports
Genre Sport
Region DE , EU , JP
Views 10,840
Downloads 24,715
Released 30 September 2011
File size 574.83 M
4.1/5 (9 votes)
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FIFA 12 gives you an authentic football experience, with licensed teams and leagues and intelligent gameplay that mimics the real thing. You can compete as any of more than 500 officially licensed clubs and experience responsive, innovative, and real action. Enjoy turning defenders with advanced dribbling and ball control, shooting with pinpoint accuracy, and passing the ball with perfect timing.

Be the goalie

Play as the goalkeeper and take charge of the game from the most critical spot on the field. Try to catch shots, cut off crosses, and through balls into the box to show that you are the best player on your team.

360° Dribbling

A proper 360° dribbling system gives players more control over the ball, which lets them move between defenders in ways that were not possible before. Skilled dribblers can turn toward the defender and use quick lateral dribbling to get around him.

Career Mode

You can start your campaign as a player, a player/manager, or a manager, and then lead your club through 15 seasons of club football and international competitions. On your way to becoming a football legend, you can use the FAME ranking system to show how good you are and get offers from other clubs.

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