Gran Turismo

Console PSP
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre Racing
Region Asia , EU , JP , US
Views 11,558
Downloads 21,391
Released October 1, 2009
File size 964.92 M
4/5 (15 votes)
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Gran Turismo is the first game in Sony’s Gran Turismo series for the PlayStation Portable.

The Real Driving Simulator includes a substantial quantity of content that is all contained on a single UMD disc. GT has almost 800 licensed vehicles from major automakers like Ford and Chevrolet and cars such as Lamborghini and Bugatti for the first time in the series. Furthermore, 35 tracks are available from the start, which, when combined with the various versions of those tracks, brings the total to 70.

GT starts you off with one random automobile and 100,000 credits to spend to buy additional cars or upgrade your existing ones. Playing the game’s single-player modes will grant you new credits. Choose between Time Trial Mode, in which you must race against the clock to finish the track with new lap records; Single Race, in which you run against three CPU cars on the way to be the winner; Drift Trial, in which you slide your car across a track to rack up points; and Ad-hoc Mode, in which you race and trade cars with a group of your friends. All but Time Trial give you credits.

GT contains a mode designed to assist you in improving your driving techniques if needed. The “Driving Challenge” option offers a series of tasks and missions to help you improve your driving skills. You will receive a gold, silver, or bronze prize and additional credits based on your performance on the assignments. Aiming for the most difficult paths and completing the challenges as quickly as possible may result in a gold reward and extra prize credits.

Cars from GT can also be exported to Gran Turismo 5, providing you an advantage over opponents.

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