Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Console PSP
Publisher Electronic Arts
Genre Action , Adventure
Region EU , US
Views 2,463
Downloads 2,620
Released 30 June, 2009
File size 135.77 M
4.2/5 (2 votes)
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J.K. Rowling, a British author, adapted her novel Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince into an action video game released for the Xbox 360, PC, and other gaming platforms. In addition to working together on the game’s development, the movie’s creators, which sharearee as the game as well asandlso lent a hand.


The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry serves as the stage for most of the game’sgameMinistry of Magic ceased to harbor skepticism regarding Voldemort’s return once Cornelius Fudge reported seeing him with his own eyes. Harry Potter is the only one who can slay the evil sorcerer, and this is something that can be easily guessed. To aTohis goal, the young wizard must, together with the assistance of Dumbledore, convince Horace Slughorn to come back to Hogwarts and resume his position as the Potions Master. In this capacity, he assists Harry in gaining a deeper understanding of the history of his adversary, Tom Marvolo Riddle, and in better preparing himself for the impending conflict. During this same period, when young wizards reach the age of puberty, the emotional ties between them become even more complex.


Wizard duels are available for players er and the Half-Blood Prince for the PC, X360, and other platforms. Each competitor has access to a variety of various spells books, such as the disarming spell Expeliliarmus and the healing spell Protego (a shielding spell). Both competitors in a duel have five health bars at the beginning of the match, which is viewed from a third-person perspective.

The Quidditch contests make their long-awaited comeback in this season of the series. The player is allowed to take part in them as one of the seekers to capture the Golden Snitch. The aim of game’s objectivegure you control to the many checkpoints that are marked on n while also gathering stars to speed up the broom.

Due to Harry’s use of the Half-Blood Prince’s guidebook, new classes for concocting potions have been devised. The players’ mission is to create the potions in the shortest tim by following the instructions in the book. These instructions include preheating the kettle, mixing the potion, and adding another magical ingredient.

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