Hellboy – The Science of Evil

Console PSP
Publisher Konami
Genre Action
Region Asia , EU , US
Views 2,857
Downloads 3,645
Released June 24, 2008
File size 233.69 M
4.3/5 (3 votes)
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Hellboy: The Science of Evil is the second video game based on the popular comic book character created by Mike Mignola, who is also the subject of movies and an animated television series. The narrative is entirely original to the video game, and it follows Hellboy as he hunts for the nefarious Von Klempt over six distinct environments. Hellboy fights his usual foes, which include a wide variety of demonic creatures and Nazi inventions. The gameplay is similar to that of a brawler, but there are also parts of puzzle solving and the narrative scattered throughout.

In The Science of Evil, Hellboy possesses several talents that make him unique from the typical brawler character. One of these abilities is the capacity to pick up and carry many environmental objects, such as barrels and debris from structures he destroyed with his Right Hand of Doom. Additionally, he can grapple his foes and either finish them off in a one-on-one fight or use them as projectiles.

Conquer six different co-op multiplayer levels with a pal using ad-hoc WiFi as your connection method. These levels are derived from the single-player campaign; however, they have been condensed and redesigned to present a set of puzzles suitable for two players. Because each player keeps their score, they are not required to work together at any point.

Although Hellboy: The Science of Evil was also available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the version available for the PSP is not a transfer of either of those console versions. The plot and the cast of characters are the same. Still, the PSP version has a new combat system, different artificial intelligence, and a new-level structure that is more adapted to the surroundings of a handheld device.

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