Kingdom Hearts – Birth by Sleep

Console PSP
Publisher Square Enix
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region JP
Views 5,794
Downloads 12,002
Released January 20, 2011
File size 1.36 G
4/5 (10 votes)
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The Japanese cRPG Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is the next part of the Kingdom Hearts trilogy. The Square-Enix studio made the best-selling Final Fantasy series, and the game was made by the same people who made the Chain of Memories version of the series for the GBA.

The game takes place ten years before what happened in the first Kingdom Hearts game. Birth by Sleep takes us to a place right out of a Disney movie. Three different campaigns are going on at the same time. Each one is about one of the three apprentices of Master Keyblade who go on a journey. The main goal is to find Master Xehanort and his disciple. When they went missing, it started a chain of bad things that ended in disaster. Terra, Ven, and Aqua are the names of the three students whose lives we will be in charge of. In the game, familiar Disney characters like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Alladin, and Goofy will appear again. Also, there are new foes.

The gameplay is similar to what you’ve seen in the other parts of the game, but each campaign will be different. Because the three main characters have different skills, we sometimes fight up close and sometimes from a distance. We use these cards to make special attacks during battle. Life bars tell us how the fight is going because they show how much energy our opponent and we have. After a long time, our heroes will be able to move up to more professional levels. You can permanently save your campaign and switch to a different hero. We won’t know the whole game’s full story until all three scripts are done.

Fans of the series will recognize this world as a land from a fairy tale, but because this game is a prequel, it has been given a fresh look. We go to places like Mount Olympus, where we’ll meet Hercules as a young man. The Island of Destiny is another place we will go. The magical forest in Sleeping Beauty is in a new home. Graphics are a mix of the Disney style and the look of anime.

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