Kingdom Hearts – Birth by Sleep

Kingdom Hearts – Birth by Sleep

Console PSP
Publisher Square Enix
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region JP
Views 4,852
Downloads 7,167
Released January 20, 2011
3.8/5 (10 votes)
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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep began in Land of Departure, where three close friends Terra Terra, Aqua, and Ventus wished to become the Master of the Keyblade under Master Eraqus.To achieve this brand, everyone must pass the Mark of Mastery exam when they are old enough. Terra and Aqua, despite being sabotaged by Master Xehanort, thanks to Vantus for timely help, also completed their competition. After the competition, Aqua passed and Terra was thought to not have a pure heart, so it was not suitable to become a Master Keyblade. Immediately after this incident happened, Master Kayblade Xehanort disappeared without a trace. Shortly after, Terra was sent to kill Universe, so Aqua must follow closely to make sure Terra did not fall into darkness. Realizing that something bad will happen to Terra, Aqua and Ventus have once again joined forces to complete the missions.

Kingdom Hearts – Birth by Sleep – Final Mix is ​​divided into three separate modes, each of which includes a different scenario suitable for each of the main characters Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. Along with that, the playstyle for each drama will be different and develop based on the character and ability of each character in terms of strength, speed, and even magic. In particular, when participating in one mode, players can completely switch to another mode immediately. This is the advantage that helps players have more suitable choices to conduct the game experience. Because Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is the prequel to Kingdom Hearts, the Heartless has not yet been invaded and Nobody has not yet been created, so in this version, a new Boss called Unversed is added. Unlike the Boss in the other version, Unversed possesses a lot of high-class skills, to solve, it requires players to have a solid skill.

Graphics in the game are also invested in designing the characters and the match has a much more harmonious color combination. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is remodeled to different gameplay from its prequel Kingdom Hearts. Although it is still smooth, I certainly will not feel fast and rush anymore. However, this will certainly not affect your experience with the game. If you want to join the action game genre, surely Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is the option you cannot ignore.

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