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The 2011 role-playing video game The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure, also known as Ao no Kiseki[a] in Japan, was created by Nihon Falcom. The game is a component of the bigger Trails series, which is a subset of The Legend of Heroes. Trails from Zero (2010) is followed by Trails to Azure, which completes the “Crossbell arc” for the series.

When Trails to Azure was published by NIS America for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in 2023, it had its first release outside of Asia in Japan for the PlayStation Portable in 2011. The labor of a fan translation served as the foundation for the English release.

A few months have passed since Trails from Zero’s conclusion when Trails to Azure begins. Noel Seeker, an Army sergeant major, and Wazy Hemisphere, a former gang leader, have joined the Special Support Section (SSS).

Once more, dishonest individuals aim to further their own agendas by utilizing the abilities of KeA, which the SSS has adopted and given the surname of Bannings. They are led by Dieter Crois, the mayor, who announces Crossbell’s independence and works to secure it using the KeA’s abilities, and Mariabell, his daughter, who wants to use the KeA to rewrite history. To thwart their intentions, the SSS must endure civic upheaval and supernatural invasions. Dieter and Mariabell Crois are both vanquished, the former is put in jail, the latter joins Ouroboros, and KeA gives up her powers, but all of these things result in Crossbell being annexed by the Erebonian Empire, which sets the stage for the events seen in the second part of the Trails of Cold Steel arc.

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