Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker

Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker
Console PSP
Publisher Konami
Genre Action
Region EU , JP , US
Views 17,361
Downloads 11,308
Released April 29, 2010
3.7/5 (24 votes)
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In the 1970s, in the context of the intense Cold War, after founding FOXHOUND, Snake was often referred to as Big Boss – who had left the United States and formed a team of his own mercenaries in Columbia. He and his teammate Militaires Sans Frontieres discover a mysterious military group secretly armed with advanced weapons in Costa Rica called Sentinels. This organization is equipped with firepower equivalent to the army on land. As a lover of peace and the desire to keep the peace for Costa Rica – where the government is not allowed to establish a military official by the constitution of the country, Snake and his teammates had to act secretly to destroy Sentinels’ plan to shoot nuclear weapons – a plan that threatens the peace of the whole world.

As an action-adventure game with the motto “Tactical espionage,” the player is forced to act surreptitiously with two main game modes: “mission” and “mother base”. ”. While the “mission” mode, the goal is to infiltrate the enemy’s territory and fight the boss, the “mother base” mode allows us to build and manage the army. If you pay too much attention to the processor are often spotted or killed too many people, you will be demoted to a level. This is something that no one wants, so a small tip is to replay the parts that have been completed before, you will get a higher cumulative score. Choosing a character is also something to consider carefully because each one of them has different attack and defense stats, so the carrying capacity is also limited. Another interesting point is the costumes. Not only are they decorative, but each type also has its own features that are useful in some cases. And with this special release, it offers a “stealth” combat feature, which requires a fair amount of patience and strategy. If deliberately acting arbitrarily, it will cause difficulties for themselves. For players with creative, flexible methods, invite smart teammates and play strategically. Instead of just running and shooting, after finishing the mission you are rewarded with incentive experience points. A plus point for beautiful graphics with dense forests, ancient Mayan ruins combined with wonderful vivid sound.

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