Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker

Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker

Console PSP
Publisher Konami
Genre Action
Region EU , JP , US
Views 17,843
Downloads 13,895
Released April 29, 2010
3.9/5 (24 votes)
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The Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker video game is the second installment in the Metal Gear Solid (MGS) series to be produced for the Sony PlayStation Portable. It is based on the third game in the series, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, released on the PlayStation 2 in 2004. Hideo Kojima was responsible for the game’s conception, and his company, Kojima Productions, was in charge of its development.


The Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker game Walker continues to tell the narrative of Big Boss and how he was taken advantage of by the authorities. The story’s events took place in Puerto Rico in 1974. The primary protagonist, together with an army of mercenaries that he commands, is investigating why the government of Puerto Rico and the CIA are supporting a well-established military organization that directly violates that nation’s constitution. People are being forced to take control of their destinies and future to protect themselves from the potentially catastrophic effects of a politically unstable environment and the risk of nuclear war. It is expected that the Outer Heaven base will be one of the locations that will ensure peace.

Game modes

The developers of this series iteration emphasized the cooperative mode, which can be accessed throughout most of the primary campaign and during side objectives. This grants the players the ability to finish almost the whole game together (in groups of between two and four people) and offer assistance to one another during challenging boss fights. Utilizing the PlayStation 3 and its Ad Hoc Party program is one option for establishing connections with other players in a multiplayer game. The primary action occurs throughout thirty missions, during which Snake visits numerous locations in Costa Rica (from jungles, through mines, to secret bases). There are almost a hundred optional side quests in which the player can participate in combat against armored vehicles, look for notes, and enlist new soldiers (which can also be captured).


One of the more exciting aspects of Peace Walker is the ability to manage the base of Big Boss’s military force. The user can recruit new people using a system that removes paralyzed foes from the battleground. The user distributes these recruits to the various divisions (combat, food, intel, or research). This opens up new projects for weapons and items that can be produced in the laboratory after they have been unlocked. Snake is provided with various tools, including rocket launchers and heavy machine guns, magazines that distract male soldiers, and even bananas that can “scare” the soldiers. The disciples of Big Boss can also be dispatched on missions to other countries; once they return, the user can watch the automated combat that took place and get awards for his efforts.

Aspects of the technology

It is important to essentialtion to the series’ outstanding aesthetics and the particular kind of narration that is distinctive to it. In the same manner, as the larger version of the cult game, the main character sneaks up on foes, engages them in combat, and then eliminates them. The PSP’s developers prioritized creating controls that are easy to understand and use. Product placement is included in the video game; for instance, Snake can don clothing decorated with the Mountain Dew soft drink emblem, bring the ubiquitous Walkman with him on missions, and use it to listen to music from various sections of Metal Gear Solid.

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