Monster Hunter Freedom 2

Monster Hunter Freedom 2

Console PSP
Publisher Capcom
Genre Role-Playing
Region Asia , EU , JP , US
Views 6,165
Downloads 4,624
Released February 22, 2007
3.4/5 (17 votes)
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Continuing the game “Monster Hunter Freedom”, the monster hunter continues the journey to complete his mission. When he arrived in Pokke village full of wind and blizzard. He was surprised because the village was located near the scary bloodthirsty monsters like Tigrex, Giadrome, Akantor, … With the mission of a hero, keeping the peace of the lives of the people, he is determined to stay in the village and ensure their safety. Since then, the hunter encountered numerous difficulties but that could not stop his footsteps and the great love for the village, with the close ideals of the people.

With the role-playing game genre, players transform into Monster Hunter characters taking on missions to protect the villagers. They are divided into three categories: gathering, hunting, and killing. Depending on the stage, and the activity comes from the enemy, the activities also vary. Among them, only to receive the same level or task that can not be lower than the premium section. The spoils like weapons, clothes, props, gold coins … will appear in each defeat monsters, especially bosses. Which, including some treasures and materials needed for the upgrade feature, allowing characters to have more advantages over, when equipped, advanced weapon attributes. This is an important part of the process towards the end of the story, as it helps the equipment be refined to become a higher level, making the monsters defeated easily, and quickly. Not alone with the single-player mode, the second release allows you to connect with friends and in groups with a maximum of 4 members. Perhaps this is an interesting point because it exploits the spirit of solidarity and cooperation. In a few boss battles, if it is impossible to develop good tactics, it is difficult to overcome.

Of course, there are some undeniable inadequacies, because there are jobs to do alone will be faster and easier. In this case, team-ups can be time-consuming, even ruining everything. But begs the question, is your goal of wanting to go far, or go fast? With a framework that has been built in advance, players can develop their characters in many aspects. The upgrade feature has been mentioned earlier, and the rest is the system level. Whenever the cumulative amount of certain experiences, will level to strengthen individual statistical indicators. The graphical interface in the game is so vivid that you cannot move your eyes. Fighting monsters is always challenging and requires creative, agile tactical skills while using the operations. Sometimes tired, take a break and relax with some other activities such as fishing, cooking, building houses, and picking medicine … around Pokke village.


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