Need for Speed – ProStreet

Console PSP
Publisher Electronic Arts
Genre Racing
Region Asia , EU , JP , US
Views 28,865
Downloads 31,088
Released February 18, 2008
File size 252.12 M
4/5 (7 votes)
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The racing video game Need for Speed: ProStreet is a fast-paced, action-packed competition in which players compete to become the best driver on the road. The gameplay is straightforward to understand: on each of the game’s 13 courses (the first 10 of which must be unlocked), the player can compete in one of the numerous championships, such as ordinary races, time races, or elimination competitions. Should he emerge victorious, he will be awarded money, which he will put toward enhancing the performance of his vehicle through various modifications.

In addition to that, he gets experience points (which are exclusive to this version of the game) that are determined by the driving aids that he makes use of. If he gains a new level, his abilities will improve; this is significant because certain occurrences are only accessible when the character has reached a certain level. The drift and drag events are not included in this version compared to the standard version. In exchange, a new one combines a checkpoint race and an elimination race. Specifically, the driver in the lowest place is removed after each checkpoint. There may be as many as four automobiles competing in the same event, just a couple of which have valid licenses.

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