Saints Row: Undercover

Saints Row: Undercover

Console PSP
Publisher THQ
Developer Mass Media , Savage Entertainment
Genre Action , Adventure
Region World
Views 13
Downloads 10
File size 33.47 M
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This game started as a port of Saints Row 2. After realizing that the limitations of the platform would not allow for a complete port of the game, it was decided that it would be a new story, first named as “Saints Row: The Fall” and later as “Saints Row: Undercover. Unlike the rest of the series where you play one of the gang members, Saints Row: Undercover starred an undercover cop joining the 3rd Street Saints under orders of Commissioner Bradshaw in order to stop a civil war inside the Saints that was tearing Stilwater apart.

The game was eventually scrapped after THQ and Volition reviewed a build of the game and felt that the game so far did not properly hold up to the quality of the series.

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