Super Monkey Ball Adventure

Console PSP
Publisher SEGA
Genre Platformer
Region EU , US
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Downloads 1,942
Released June 30, 2006
File size 114.24 M
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When our four heroes from Super Monkey Ball, Aiai, Meemee, Baby, and Gongon, were going about their typical day, they saw a flying contraption that had just crashed on a neighboring island. They soon learned that the mysterious Naysayers had arrived on the island, where they were sowing conflict and spreading discontent among the community. And to add insult to injury, the prince and princess of the surrounding islands have been reported missing on Jungle Island; if they are not located and brought back, there will undoubtedly be further complications. Are our heroes capable of bringing order back to Monearth?

The previous games in the series are carried over into Super Monkey Ball Adventure, but this one adds a narrative component to the monkey-rolling mayhem. Players roll their way about the many islands of Monearth, talking to inhabitants and accomplishing the activities they request (such as delivering sandwiches, discovering a missing baby, saving rare flowers, and more) to cheer them up. Throughout this process, they can select one of the four monkeys to play with.

You can only enter these ‘problem Gates’ on the island if you have solved the problem levels in front of the gate. Puzzle Gates restrict access to some regions of the island. You will be transported to a new Puzzle Realm after using each pad. The Puzzle Realm stages feature the more traditional gameplay of Super Monkey Ball. These stages briefly appear, and players aim to roll their monkey as rapidly and precisely as possible to the finish line within the allotted time.

Bananas, which serve as cash and may be used to unlock new playable characters and puzzle stages, can be collected throughout the game and brought back to the main menu at any time. They can also be distributed to particularly dissatisfied citizens. As the monkeys advance in the game, they will also learn magical chants. These chants will allow you to climb walls, set your monkey’s ball on fire, utilize a boxing glove to fight, and have several other abilities.

The well-known Party Games are also a part of Super Monkey Ball Adventure; these include the return of fan favorites such as Monkey Race, Monkey Target, and Monkey Fight. In addition, there are three new games: “Monkey Cannon” allows you to shoot monkeys at opposing towers to grab bricks from them and use them for your building. “Monkey Bounce” is a game in which players compete against one another by bouncing on a platform resembling a trampoline while attempting to win as many squares as possible. “Monkey Tag” is a game in which players roll around a globe to gather as many balloons as possible.

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