Warhammer – Battle for Atluma

Console PSP
Publisher Namco Bandai Games
Genre Other
Region US
Views 1,497
Downloads 876
Released November 14, 2006
File size 140.57 M
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Sabertooth Games’ Warhammer: warfare for Atluma is a digital card warfare game in the Warhammer universe. The game is based on the Warhammer WarCry collectible card game (CCG). It allows the player to command an army belonging to either the noble Grand Alliance or the sinister Hordes of Darkness. Constructing a deck of cards unique to an army to engage in combat is possible. The game features over 90 individual units and more than 450 cards, all of which can be used in either conquest or trade.

A quick-game mode, an ad hoc multiplayer option, and a campaign mode for single-player are included in the game modes. The player can select an avatar among the followers of Chaos, monstrous Orcs, queenly High Elves, or Holy Empire to embark on a journey to retrieve the fabled Atluma Crystal in the game’s campaign mode. They were winning battles awards gold, which may be spent purchasing additional cards to bolster one’s deck. The Wi-Fi Ad Hoc protocol enables two players to compete against one another using custom decks, complete with card trading and all other typical CCG features.

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