WinX Club – Join the Club

Console PSP
Publisher Konami
Genre Action
Region EU , US
Views 1,891
Downloads 1,338
Released May 7, 2007
File size 375.64 M
4/5 (2 votes)
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Minigames that take place within the world of the Italian television cartoon series Winx Club can be played in the context of the video game titled Winx Club: Join the Club. Minigames like racing, memory, and a clone of Puzz Loop are just some of the ones that are included. During the breaks in the gameplay, you will be shown some footage from the show, but it will just be a collection of random bits with no overarching narrative. By completing puzzles, players can unlock a variety of objects, including clothing and furniture, that can be utilized to personalize the Winx and their living quarters.

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