WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2011

Console PSP
Publisher THQ
Genre Action , Fighting
Region EU , US
Views 16,405
Downloads 19,330
Released October 26, 2010
File size 1.01 G
4.2/5 (35 votes)
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Daniel Bryan from the days when he was still just an unknown in the gym, buried his head into the series of non-stop training days with Shawn Michaels. His life was not a smooth one, but he met many events in his life, from the failures in the arena to the dismissal from the company. Despite the bad things that happened constantly, Daniel did not give up but continued to pursue the dream of professional wrestling. He gradually proved his ability and became a Superstar, creating a solid name in the professional wrestling village.

An interesting point that many people enjoy is that players can completely build the story with the characters available, integrated cut scenes (appear randomly before, after or even in the middle of the match) and the contention between wrestlers. One of the major changes in the game is that it allows players to use objects as realistic as tables, ladders and chairs as damage different to throw at his opponent led to a fall or damage reality. Weapons, expanded walls, steel stairs near the electric poles and elimination of the cell door and new ways to escape cells are also introduced in the new enhancements to the Hell in a Cell match. And the first special from WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth, players are free to move around backstage areas where you can talk to other wrestlers, pick battles and visit coaches to make money in your experience points to improve properties. The improvement of wrestling tools also helps players perform more powerful movements. In my opinion, the Road to Wrestlemania mode is quite interesting because, with five different storylines that are characterized by WWE, players can follow them, even make their own choices throughout the sentence affects all works. What could be more wonderful when not having to remove their plot is available, put the stops to create your own story? Of course, not all versions are perfect. Maybe WWE smackdown vs. RAW 2011 retains the traditional core actions and a number of long-standing issues that have yet to be fully addressed. But I firmly believe that with new innovations, powerful creative tools, extensive customization options will not let you down.

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