Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s – Tag Force 6

Console PSP
Publisher Konami
Genre Card
Region JP
Views 2,909
Downloads 1,921
Released September 22, 2011
File size 1000.64 M
3.9/5 (1 vote)
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This is an expanded card game with a lot of variety and unique options to allow players to experiment with different types of cards freely.Its gameplay is almost similar to the previous versions. The game uses a straightforward system that the character moves everywhere freely. However, there are some differences such as the changed menu system that can make you a little difficult to get used to at first, but after playing a lot, it will be very easy to use. The publisher has helped players can read the description of the card easily. Besides, the Japanese version of this game has quite realistic voice acting that can make you feel like an anime. If you have never played the previous version and do not understand the rules, it is likely to struggle challenging because all characters use complicated techniques to grasp. They all use cards set based on anime, but each has their fighting styles that make it very difficult for players to win easily.

The only thing that I don’t like about this version is music. If you’ve played any of the previous games, you’ll probably find it getting worse and worse. This really annoyed me when it did not match the style of this game. In the game, players need to use their cards correctly so that it can maximize the power in front of the opponent. This is also the point that makes the game attract a lot of players because it requires careful thought as well as detailed calculations to be able to produce the most accurate cards suitable for each development of the match. At the beginning of each game, the two sides will be given a certain number of points, it will disappear when being attacked by the other party’s monster or receiving an opponent’s magic. When one side scores to zero, the match will end with the winner belonging to the other side. Of course, with a massive number of cards and the diverse gameplay, the game will encounter a weakness that based too much on luck. You will not be able to control the cards you draw. If you are someone who has never played Yu-Gi-Oh, you should probably spend a long time getting used to the gameplay of this game.

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