Console SNES
Publisher Capcom
Genre Platformer
Region EU , JP , US
Views 3,546
Downloads 3,995
Released 1993
File size 804.98KB
4.6/5 (2 votes)
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Disney’s Aladdin movie is no stranger to us all. Now, Capcom has bought the copyright to adapt into a popular game called ALADDIN. This is a side-scrolling platform action game from left to right. The game camera will only move the rotation angle in the direction of Aladdin’s movement. There are several stages taking place in the game at different locations throughout the city of Agrabah. There are many challenges posed in stages. Aladdin’s main method of fighting is to jump on opponents, use apples as weapons to throw them. During the move, Aladdin can pick up various items like apples, diamonds,… Collecting diamonds will give you more lives, and your score will increase significantly. Besides, each stage has a scarab hidden in a treasure chest. When you catch it, the door of the reward round will open, giving you a chance to add lives or some special rewards. Encountering enemies is indispensable in every stage. You need to defeat them before you can take them out. With each hit, Aladdin’s life will be reduced, and the period will end when Aladdin will completely lose his life.

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