Melfand Stories

Console SNES
Publisher ASCII
Developer Sting
Genre Action
Views 125
Downloads 66
Released March 25, 1994
File size 887.33KB
4/5 (1 vote)
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Melfand Stories is a side scrolling brawler developed by Sting Entertainment and published for the Super Famicom by ASCII Entertainment Software on March 25, 1994. It has a cutesy fantasy theme and plays similarly to other fantasy brawlers, like Golden Axe. The player can use their weapons or their magic, or a combination thereof, to fight their way through various fantasy monsters and other enemies while finding items to help them out. The game has four playable characters and allows for up to two players to play simultaneously. The characters include the youthful hero El, the brash swordsman Corse, the elven mage Lemin and the whip-wielding rogue Nora.

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