Soul Blazer

Console SNES
Publisher Enix
Developer Quintet
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region China
Views 164
Downloads 358
Released January 31, 1992
File size 813.62KB
5/5 (1 vote)
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Money. The root of all evil… King Magridd sold out. Obsessed with the desire for wealth, he cut a dastardly deal with the ruler of evil. Now the Freil Empire is in shambles and you are chosen to save it. Free the kingdom’s captive souls. Teach the King a thing or two about integrity. Rescue a beautiful maiden. Liberate an imprisoned inventor. You’ll boldly traverse the six complex stages in this action-RPG An array of weapons, armor and magic are at your disposal. After you revive the kingdom, you will confront Deathtoll. Then make him pay…

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