Console SNES
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Platformer
Region EU , US
Views 5,780
Downloads 6,956
Released 1995
File size 1.24MB
4.1/5 (2 votes)
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A peaceful night on Yoshi Island (YOSHI PARTY ISLAND). While everyone was sleeping soundly, Kamek, along with his subordinates, quickly took action to implement the planned “black” plan – kidnapping all children on the island. The plan is about to succeed, but thanks to the timely intervention of the seagulls, the trio of Peach, Mario, and Donkey Kong babies are lucky to escape narrowly… Working together with the nanny “Yoshi,” the trio headed to Kamek castle with the belief that they would rescue their peers. Still, the dance, acrobatics typical of platform-style but YOSHI PARTICIPANTS DS has the features “not in touch.” First, the ability to swallow opponents to turn them into eggs at a glance. These eggs will be a good long-range weapon to help Yoshi effectively and safely suppress the disorder. In addition, in the above way, you can help Yoshi earn more points by targeting gold coins, flowers placed on high, or activating hidden switches to open a new path. Another interesting feature is that instead of just escorting Mario baby like the previous version, Yoshi can switch five different characters alternately at the layout points on the map. Of course, this is not simply a fun idea, but this change will help players flexibly solve pit holes spread throughout the game. With this upgrade and desirable features, YOSHI TECHNICAL ISLAND will be a game that can not be ignored.

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