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Game Boy is an 8-bit handheld console developed by Nintendo, first released in Japan on April 21, 1989, and only three months later in North America and finally in Europe one year later. As of 1997, Game Boy shipped globally a total of nearly 65 million and quickly created a craze at the time.

Being the first generation, Game Boy’s design is quite simple, suitable for all subjects including women and children. It is equipped with a black and green reflective LCD screen, a navigation button, two A and B action control buttons, and finally the Start and Select function buttons. Although simple, the experience that it brings is extremely excellent and highly entertaining. When mentioning Game Boy, you will not forget the game that brought it to the peak of success is Tetris, a simple but extremely addictive game like this system.

Following on from its success was a series of other typical generations such as Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, etc. and they were collectively known as the Game Boy family. There are also a lot of other variations with new designs but basically, the gameplay remains the same. And now with the rapid advancement of technology, you can easily play Game Boy’s games through other consoles, on computers or even mobile phones through applications. emulator.