Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2
Console Xbox 360
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Genre Action , Adventure
Region WW
Views 9,870
Downloads 4,747
Released November 7, 2008
3.2/5 (17 votes)
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Continuing the battle against the Locust floods on the planet Sera of the “Gears Of War 2” game set, players will take on the role of Sergeant Marcus or Dominic to participate in targeted campaigns. In addition to the main mode, the game adds a Horde multiplayer mode in battles with Locust forces 5. With the perspective of the third person, the player is provided with a pistol, grenade, and 2 other weapons during the mission. The objective of the player is to rotate the camera one by one through the campaign areas in the game and shoot. With a collaborative play, players will be supported by allies behind their backs to complete the mission without being injured.

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