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PlayStation (PS)
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Surely those who are genuine gamers around the world, it is impossible without knowing the console game. This is one of the most important devices to lead us into historical games. The most typical of all consoles and one of Ken Kutaragi’s children is the PlayStation. PlayStation is referred to as PS or PSX, one of the consoles established with a console and two handheld devices with the purpose of connecting with popular games of gamers around the world. The PlayStation system was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, of which Ken Kutaragi was the executive director. PlayStation was first released in December 1994 in the land of cherry blossoms, Japanese. This apparatus is known as one of the first gaming machines in the history of video games released worldwide. With the compact controller design and has a handle, PlayStation will give players moments to experience the most advanced video game set.

The PlayStation controller has small controls on both sides of the handle and 2 rotating buttons on the bottom of those hands, convenient for the player to hold the index finger and use it on the easy way with 2 fingers. Behind the controller will have convenient wire positions for players to easily plug into gaming monitors to be able to connect them. PlayStation was published more than 102.49 million units worldwide in 2003 becoming one of the best-selling gaming consoles of the time. With the compact, smart, convenient controls PlayStation has attracted hundreds of attention of fans across the country. For that reason, Sony has developed the next successor of the PlayStation in 2000, the PlayStation 2. It is also one of the home game consoles based on The original PlayStation with new improved controllers that fit the era. In order to support the launch of the PlayStation series, Sony Interactive Entertainment also developed games compatible with these consoles such as Uncharted, Twisted Metal, LittleBigPlanet, …

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